What is RNDM?

It is new, especially for the town Bochum in Germany; based here, means we are situated in the heart of the nowadays called Ruhrcity. If you never heard about it Google for Ruhrgebiet or Ruhrpott and you will find a huge area of diverse cities merged into the biggest populated area in Germany and now even called Metropolis; the fourth biggest in Europe after Moscow, Paris and London. In 2010 this leads to a certain climax.

New in Europe!

The Ruhr Metropolis

New in Bochum!

RNDM but street

Open since October 2009

A small lovely store featuring: 2nd hand streetwear, single pieces, vintage styles, collectibles.

From head to toe, from magazines to books, records… whatever out of the 30 years old streetwear history and those things who influenced this storytelling phenomena.

It is not only about storytelling pieces; sometimes we just hit the edge with an old army parka, while a desert boot stands next to it. We have a bunch of cool shirts like the one from Vision Street Wear; Mark Gonzales limited edition, 1987. A rare as fuck longsleeve shirt, of the early works of futura and his output with a Brand like GFS Inc, NFC Not From Concentrate, 1992 is waiting for you next to some rare stussy shirts. We talk about 501 big E XX and adidas super stars green suede orange stripes original oldschoolin still rulin. A Nike SB here and there is not missing because we love skateboarding next to BMX as much as snowboarding as much as Analog, Alife next to other good stuff, perhaps goodenough, anything or other more simple cloth we like. But you need to come by anyway.

In 2010 The Ruhr Metropolis becomes the European Capital of Culture; the certain climax mentioned before. This is great as we are even more on the Map of tourism and anyway the Metropolis will feature its beauty with many interesting activities and for sure we want to be a part of this and represent the culture we grew up in.

Still RNDM is not a museum but it is just a store featuring good stuff for the right season and reason, without taking care of the year it has been released. Still we want to tell the stories about sources. Means sort of a fanzine comes with the goods. We won’t feature every single piece we carry but a good amount of highlights will be given month by month or day by day. Stay tuned.

For now we don’t sell online.

For more info’s send us your questions to contact@rndm-store.com